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Manage your inventory with this easy to learn software. If you have an online shop for example
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5 February 2012

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While running a shop or a warehouse, it often becomes quite difficult to record and keep track of your inventory. You’d have to make changes in quantity of an item each time a sale is made and likewise make entries to all items you have, accordingly. But, to end the entire hassles and get effective support in tracking your inventory, you must try Warehouse Inventory 1.0. It’s an expert utility that is easy and to learn and use for managing inventory. Using the application you can either enter the item barcode manually or through a barcode scanner or else simply can increase/decrease the item quantity with the push of a button. It also allows you to print your own barcodes, and sort the articles by clicking the column captions. The application is capable of generating a protocol and database of all transactions.

Warehouse Inventory 1.0 is quite safe to use as you can set an admin password and hide its certain functions that you don’t want the program user to see. For creating the inventory record with the program, you can easily add, edit, and remove details of different articles. The entire articles recorded with the program are displayed at the mid area, enabling you to select the item and make necessary changes. It even allows you to make book entries and increase or decrease item by specifying the quantity. When an item is sold you can either scan the barcode with the scanner or enter the barcode m manually to make deduction to your inventory. Further, the utility also allows maintaining users; print book entries and inventory records; view details of all articles like amount, action, new amount, warning, etc; create a batch number; and do more. Moreover, it lets you import/export articles to and from CSV format file, and calculate batch numbers and expiry date.

With the Warehouse Inventory you can proficiently keep track of your inventory along with the transactions made. For its wonderful performing capability added with smoothly operable options, the utility is allotted with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Manage your inventory with this easy to learn software.
If you have an online shop for example this program helps you to keep the overview. You can use a barcode scanner or input the article number manually or simply click a button to increase or decrease the quantity of an entry.
You can print your own barcodes with this software. If you click on the caption of a column the program sorts the articles according to this column. The program creates a protocol and a date base of every transaction. You can always see the exactly time and date and the user who made a transaction.
You can print the actual inventory or the book entries or protocol. You can specify an admin password and deny the access to parts of the program which the actual user must not see.
You can import and export the articles to from and to the CSV file format. You can calculate the date of expiry and batch numbers.
Now with build in cash register function
You can use the software as point of sale software. You can scan the barcodes of articles or create a new article if the article does not already exist. When you have registered all articles you press the button "Ready". The program will ask you which amount of cash the customer has given to you. For example if the customer has to pay $22 and he gives $30 to you. You will enter the 30 and the program will tell you the change. In this case $8. Then you can print a receipt for the customer.
Warehouse Inventory
Warehouse Inventory
Version 2.2
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